Hailing from the South of France, Victor-Yann began writing and composing music in the early 2000s. Passionate about romantic poetry and occult music, especially the underground culture of the 1980s, his artistic and musical journey was also deeply influenced by the work of his elder brother Alaxis Andreas G. (LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE, INVASION PLANETE), with whom he collaborated on a number of projects.

His first footsteps on wax are to be found on CHARLES DE FRONTANEL’s 2005 album « Grotesque », on which VY played the guitar. But it was only in 2016 that his current project SWESOR BHRATER emerged, with the magnificent CD album « Premices » released on Hieratique Records, followed by two split releases, with BRANNTEN SCHNÜRE and BRUTA NON CALCULANT respectively.

SWESOR BHRATER is the proto-indo-euorpean word for sister-brother, a reference both to fraternity and the Myth of the Androgynous, and in itself a clue to what the proejct stands for – a neo-romantic quest for lost beauty and lost meaning, anchored in and showcasing a mythological and Traditional culture threatened by the modern world. Musically, SWESOR BHRATER is a seamless and intuitive interplay of driving synths and accoustic sounds, delivering songs that are both deeply moving and cut for the dance-floor. Although flirting with many genres from cold-wave (think MARTIN DUPONT or WERMUT) to folk and bat-cave (TROP TARD), SWESOR BHRATER always stays true to his own, unique sound, which makes him one of the most exhilarating projects of the moment.

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