Man Of Seasons is a post-industrial and neofolk music band, created during Litha (Summer solstice 2020) by the French Troubadour Fléau, and the spanish witch Goldie. Their project experiments with a unique neofolk style, developing their own electro-acoustic universe that revolves around different folk themes from the pagan culture of old Europe: esotericism, nature, rituals, popular beliefs, ghosts…
We find in their clips an old-fashioned visual reminiscent of the new age egregore of the first hippies but above all, the universe of Robin Hardy’s famous film: the wicker man.
Inspired by William Blake, the golden dawn, tarot, witchcraft and other forgotten phantasmagorias, Man of the Seasons, takes his name from the divine manna that feeds the hungry man; the one who in times of crisis, by his hunger, finds his true divine nature, destroyed by the modern world.

Official Bandcamp : Here


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