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Music and video made for the spring equinox.
This piece is inspired by the great Emily Dickinson.
 Nature is getting back on its feet while humans are caulking themselves in their dark dens !
The earth will breathe a little …

Keep hope, and let the entities guide you.

Swesor Bhrater has a second musical project in parallel.
Lésion Française

Still with Yule and another artist/performer, we explore the French post-punk style, focusing more on the satyric, cynical and political side of human society.
It’s a non-subtle mix of synthpop and coldwave based on cheap electronic organs and real old school drum machines. We embody here two sociopathic twin brothers: Godard and Kasimyr, who will each have their own story, their own legend to tell you. The release of this new project is planned on the Hieratic underground label.