On the way to my next album,  with EINS : ZWEI : ACHT.
Big thanks  to TuT/RuR for their artistic collaboration !
More infos  coming soon …

Sound and Video recorded for the Blood Moon (20–21 janvier 2019/ Total Lunar Eclipse) by Swesor Bhrater.


Live session with BRUTA NON CALCULANT at Berlin Atonal 2018

VARIOUS – Electrified Bodies

10th anniversary compilation. Limited edition of 250 copies on white vinyl. The first 100 copies come with a numbered booklet designed by the contributing artists.

witchcraft, celtic mythology and folk rituals

« Les Affamés » a film directed by Udren,
with the original soundtrack by Swesor bhrater.


SWESOR BHRATER – « Prémices »
Debut album on Hiératique Records

CD Collector – Limited Edition 100 – Digipack 6 panels
// Availability : Spring Equinox 2016Superflux/Webzine
Split cassette Swesor Bhrater / Brannten Schnüre
on Obscène & Anémique Records (FR-GER)
Five hateful things

Cassette collector – Limited Edition 77 –
// Availability : coming soon (summer 2016)

Past event: 05 april th 2015, Moscow reportflyer

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