Upcoming event in Dublin by Darktrax

Dark Arts is a live festival of the avant-garde, taking place over four days in intimate surroundings including Smock Alley Theatre.

About this Event

Dark Arts Festival

October 25th – 28th

4 Venues Across Dublin City

15 Performance/Electronic Artists


The Dark Arts Festival is offering Dublin’s avant-garde electronic music fans the chance to witness some of the most renowned underground performers from Berlin, Copenhagen & Toulouse.

Within intimate venues housing the festival including Smock Alley Theatre, Dark Arts promise to showcase the best dark multi-disciplinary artists from Electro to TechnoExperimentalAmbient sonic and visual art.

get more information on the official event page ………….. Here

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Split Bvv-04 by Bodyvolt, with Bruta non Calculant & Swesor Bhrater.

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Live session in the city of Valletta in Malta (2018)

Live session with BRUTA NON CALCULANT at Berlin Atonal (2018)

VARIOUS – Electrified Bodies

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« Les Affamés » a film directed by Udren,
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SWESOR BHRATER – « Prémices »
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